Rest is a Weapon

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Posted on March 10, 2020

My latest essay is over at The Glorious Table, and I could not be more thrilled to share it with you. The subject is on a much-needed one, a topic you will hear me write on again and again: rest. Why do I write about rest so very much? I think part of my desire is to break down the stigma to taking regular breaks, engaging in creativity, and letting go of endless work as a means to validate one’s existence on the planet. Another is personal: I struggle to let myself rest as a spiritual practice. But my long-term survival and yours depends on saying no to endless production and incorporating sabbath rests into our busy schedules. My hope is that this story invites you into examine your own life, discern where you can find rest for your souls, and courage to do so.


“God’s trying to tell you something,” my friend says pointedly, raising her eyebrows at me with a small smile playing about her lips. We walk out of the church and say our goodbyes, and I make my way slowly to my car. The afternoon is hot and breezy.

It is fall in North Texas. The temperatures plummet to the low nineties, fluffy clouds fill cerulean skies, and locals sigh with relief and nod to each other, saying, “Fall is practically here.” The drive back to work is short, but my friend’s question lingers long after I settle down at home for the evening.

God’s trying to tell you something. . . 

I’d love it if you would click here to finishing reading at The Glorious Table.

(Photo by Ashley McLaren on Unsplash)

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