DBT Therapy for Complex Trauma

The Pain of Overwhelming Emotions

You don’t understand why you become overwhelmed quickly by the smallest things. Your strong emotions overtake you so easily. You think there must be something wrong with you for not being able to to deal with life as it comes at you. Your feelings feel big and scary, and quite often, it’s hard for you to wrap words around them. And the truth is that learning to feel your feelings is painful because it means having to reconcile what happened to you which is in itself hard and confusing.


How Complex Trauma Impacts UsAn opened book with a maple leaf on the left page.

We learn how to regulate our emotions from our caregivers growing up. But if they struggled with their own big feelings, then we may not have learned how to control our emotions or soothe ourselves when we are distressed. And if there was any relational trauma in our families, then learning how to respond skillfully to our emotions and settle ourselves feels practically impossible. It’s hard to practice soothing yourself if your nervous system feels agitated and revved up from past pain and chronic stress.


A person having fun in the mountains. The Power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Created by research psychologist and Zen Master Marsha Linehan, DBT therapy is a groundbreaking therapy that will help you get your power back by teaching you the necessary life skills we all need to thrive as humans.  You’ll learn how to identify your emotions kindly and to change them when you need to. You’ll also learn to soothe yourself in distress without making things worse, an essential skill for dealing with the pressures of a post-pandemic world. You’ll learn how being more mindful in your life will help you both stay in your integrity and ask for what you want with great self-respect. Combined with EMDR therapy, DBT has the power to awaken you and set you free from past constraints. Isn’t time to give yourself the freedom of skillful means?

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