Are you interested in working together?

As a counselor with seven years of professional counseling experience, I have a broad range of experience helping others recover from a wide variety of issues. We’ll focus on your strengths and abilities as we tailor treatment and a recovery plan that has goals you define. The space we hold together is a sacred one. You deserve to feel better today.

As a survivor of trauma, grief and loss, and much more, I have a solid ground of understanding and empathy that allows me to help others move away from simply surviving toward more effective ways of living and flourishing.  In addition, I am trained to conduct EMDR, an evidenced-based protocol for those who have been impacted by traumatic events;  EMDR is highly effective for a variety of issues.  The therapy centers on building relaxation and mindfulness skills along with a gentle reprocessing of trauma to promote healing.

I’m comfortable discussing sexuality and spirituality issues from a warm, accepting, and nonjudgmental stance. Also, I’m a self-compassion practitioner, which means I work to help you find ways of being kind and loving toward yourself in concrete and repeatable ways. Immediate appointments available. Please contact me below if you are interested in setting up a free phone consultation or call me at 817.642.7305.  Your call is important to me.