Meet Jenn


I am a woman in recovery from past trauma and perfectionism, grounded to Mother Earth by fragrant rosemary and skittering bluebirds and the towering shade of oak and elm trees.

I am married to a kind man whose commitment to our marriage and caring for me when I am navigating chronic pain and illness is as remarkable as it is restorative.

I am the daughter of a man whose poetry irrevocably shaped my life, whose sudden death in 2009 led me to pursue counseling in which I help wandering souls find refuge and strength as they share their hearts with me.

I am the descendent of Jewish women and men who worked hard to emigrate to America so I could have a better life. I am the proud heir of my grandmother’s beautiful curly hair, great sense of humor, and wide-open smile that seeks to welcome others into love.

I am a deeply spiritual person who finds The Holy in the most unexpected places. I worship at an LGBTQ-affirming church, practice Zen meditation, and honor the Sabbath by lighting candles on Friday night. I no longer apologize to anyone for my spiritual practices or explain how I experience God or seek to push my beliefs on anyone. I no longer compromise on who I am.

I am a writer and therapist whose work focuses on relating to ourselves and others with deep compassion and grace. In an empathy-starved world, I take great joy in creating a safe and sacred space for weary souls to acknowledge their joys and sorrows with me. You can read more about my credentials and my approach here

I am a writer and feel such pleasure when I write about the wondrous and hard moments of living. I used to write for myself, writing essays to make sense of my own struggles, but now I write for you. Telling our stories together is one of the most powerful forms of resistance to the cultural myth that we must do life all on our own. I share about my pain and triumph so you can better articulate your own. And I know how the power of words can breathe new life into our stories and move us in towards wholeness and healing.

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I’ve written for magazines like Ruminate Magazine, Fathom Magazine, Bearings Online, SheLoves Magazine, The Glorious Table, Presbyterian Outlook, and a handful of other magazines. You can read my published essays here.

I am a native Texan, hailing from the flat lands of North Texas, on the unneeded and ancestral lands of the Comanche, Tawakoni, Wichita, and Kickapoi, where I live with my family, two adorable cats, a feisty kitten, and a burgeoning front-yard garden. Away from work, you can find me hiking in glorious mountains, creating art in my home studio, and writing in our tiny porch garden.