Meet Jenn

Writer and Therapist, Founder of The Holy Absurd 

Jenn Zatopek is a writer and a licensed professional counselor whose work focuses on relating to ourselves and others with deep compassion. You can click here to learn more about Jenn’s therapy practice and sign up for a free initial phone consultation. Jenn has led a remarkable life and lives to strike a balance between work and rest, service and play. You might find her writing at a local cafe, photographing beautiful mountains, or even playing guitar. Jenn, a versatile artist, is unstoppable, but it took changing her narrative to find her way.

Because of this, Jenn believes in the power of story, how telling our stories without fear of judgement and with great empathy can change our very being and move us toward wholeness and healing. She writes at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, literature and neuroscience. Jenn adores poetic musings and soulful depictions of everyday life and relationships.

“I come alive when I write out my heart on the page,” Jenn says. “Words have the capacity to heal and serve, touch and soothe. That’s what I strive to do when I write and share my words with others.”

Jenn’s diverse educational background and professional training includes Psychology, Mindful Self-Compassion, Theater, Writing, and Counseling Psychology. In addition, she studied theology at Brite Divinity School and is in training to become a Mindful Self-Compassion teacher.

Besides her thriving counseling practice, Jenn writes regularly for The Glorious Table, and one of her essays was recently chosen to be part of a women’s ebook collection on soul rest. Her work has also been featured in Presbyterian OutlookRuminate Magazine, Fathom Magazine, Collegeville Institute, SheLoves Magazine, Panther City Review, The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, and elsewhere.

The genesis of The Holy Absurd was born in the summer of 2016 when Jenn radically refocused her actions and attitudes to live with more joy, delight, wonder, and meaning. A wise mentor encouraged her to share her artful collection of essays and poems with the world. Jenn, a natural wordsmith, considered the idea, and a year later in 2017, The Holy Absurd was born.

“I had a spiritual awakening in 2016,” Jenn says. “I realized that my life, that all our lives, are precious and all our experiences matter. But our lives are also messy and strange, painful and beautiful. I use the word ‘absurd’ because we  get to hold the tension of opposites in life, of beauty and sorrow, wonder and the mundane, all together with kindness. Cultivating peace amid the joys and sorrows of life is what I want for all of us.” You can subscribe to The Holy Absurd Newsletter here

An accomplished artist, Jenn is active on Instagram where she shares her beautiful pictures and lyrical mini-essays along with her colorful paintings, evocative poems, and heartfelt musings on life. You can also find Jenn on Facebook and Twitter.

Jenn hails from the flatlands of North Texas, on the unneeded and ancestral lands of the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Wichita, Comanche, Tawakoni, and Kiikapoi Indians, where she lives with her family, two spunky cats, and a burgeoning front-yard garden. She works hard but loves to play hard too. Away from work, you can find her hiking with family and friends, creating art daily in her home studio, and writing in her tiny porch garden.