Meet Jenn

Professional therapist.

Self-taught writer.

Joy catcher.

Beloved daughter of the God.

Aren’t headlines fun? This is me in a nutshell and yet, of course, it does not tell you very much at all about the living breathing human being that is right here, beyond your very own screen.

Still, though, I do love to write and believe fervently in the power of sharing deeply uncomfortable truths found in the messy embrace of our shared human existence. For me, some of those uncomfortable truths involve things things like God, family, faith, theology, and living life open and vulnerable.

I write because there is something inside of me that yearns for connection and significance, and I meet that need when I put words to my experiences, hopes, dreams, feelings, and thoughts. Most especially I meet that need when I get to tell about that experience to another person, or you.

So I believe in the power of story, how telling our stories without fear of judgement and condemnation can change our very being and move us toward wholeness and healing. Talking about those things that make me feel uncomfortable have been my personal keys to accessing life on a deeply intentional and joyful level.

I’m a deeply spiritual person, a lover of Jesus and stories of hope and resurrection.  However, I appreciate other faith traditions, and consider myself a proud religious enthusiast!

I’m an INFJ and Enneagram 4, and I am riveted by beauty, wonder, creativity, and delight.  I share my own stories of the dance between joy and suffering here in this sacred space with you.

My work has been featured in Fathom Magazine, SheLoves Magazine, Panther City Review, The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, The Glorious Table and elsewhere. When I’m not writing and blogging, you can find me empowering folks through counseling, laughing with family and friends, listening to live jazz, drinking lots of tea, hiking in the woods, or reading with my family.

I do adore laughter and some of my favorite all-time movies are “Groundhog Day” and “When Harry Met Sally.”  (I am forever and always an Eighties Child.)  Laughter is one of my most beloved spiritual practices.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

Mostly, I’m a writer and therapist, someone who is fascinated by human behavior, and longs to encounter God in the midst of the ordinary days of this holy and absurd life. It is a messy and strange, painful and beautiful, this incarnational existence, and I have found that the best way for me to thrive it is find neighbors and friends to walk the journey together.

I’m thrilled you stopped by.

Sit down and please join me.

You are welcomed here in this space.


“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

― Dr. Brené Brown, Rising Strong