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Compassionate Counseling for Texans

Welcome! I’m Jenn, a writer and advanced EMDR counselor in Texas, dedicated to helping you recover from relational trauma. I use EMDR + compassion practices to help motivated, insightful adults who want to break from past pain and step into new seasons of life with the courage, confidence, and calm they deserve.

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You want more than just survival.

People tell you to stop being dramatic, but you know you aren’t crazy. You’re a smart and high-achieving person, but you feel exhausted much of the time. You feel like all you do is people-please others or second-guess yourself. Maybe you feel like a failure, beat yourself up constantly, get lost in the past, or doubt yourself. Or you might feel like highly-sensitive person and underplay your strengths. You wonder sometimes: Isn’t there more to life than feeling like this?

I see your pain. Now let’s help you be with it and heal!

I’ll use science-based approaches to help you experience safety within your body, be self-compassionate as we explore your past together, and engage in practices to help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll get unstuck and find an inner peace you didn’t even realize was possible. After working with me, my clients report feeling more calm, centered, and compassionate with themselves. Let’s connect and work together!



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