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I’m Jenn, a writer and advanced EMDR therapist, dedicated to helping you get your power back! I use EMDR + compassion training to free you from past pain so you can step into new seasons of life with the courage, confidence, and calm you deserve. 

After working with me, my clients report feeling uplifted, joyful, more compassionate, peaceful, and hopeful about their future! Let’s connect and work together! Click the link below on the “Contact Me” page, scroll to the bottom, and fill out the form to schedule your free 15-minute initial phone consultation. I can’t wait to hear from you!

*** Please note that from Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 4, I will be on silent retreat, which means I will not be accessible by phone, text, or email. I will respond to all messages when I return to the office starting on Monday, December 4! 

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