Nature Therapy

How Nature Helps Us

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to regulate our bodies but also our souls! When we step outside, we remember our true belonging: we are part of the natural world, which loves us! Did you know trees produce more oxygen when they sense a human’s presence in their grove? Our participation with the natural world matters! Spending intentional time outdoors lowers our blood pressure and slows down our breathing, but it also helps us find clarity and peace of mind. And being out in nature for counseling can help us even more!


Why Nature Therapy Helps

Nature therapy is an effective antidote to anxiety and depression, but it’s also life-changing. You’ll discover more things about yourself that only nature can show you! And you’ll be with a trauma-informed therapist like me who can help you explore your fears and concerns in a deeply compassionate way. Being out in nature for therapy can also help ease loneliness–when you are outside, you realize just how much more connected you are than you ever thought possible!


What Nature Therapy Sessions Look Like

Nature therapy sessions will involve a few online sessions so we can build a strong therapeutic relationship and establish safety in your nervous system. I want you to feel comfortable with me, and I’ve found that 3-5 virtual sessions can really help strengthen our therapeutic bond. Then we’ll meet locally for a 60-minute session (or longer if you prefer), and explore your emotions using  body-based practices to help you return to your body outside. And like EMDR, focused time outside together can rewire your brain for peace!

Let’s discover how nature therapy can help you thrive! 

Please reach out to me for counseling by calling or texting my practice number which is (817) 642 – 7305, or send me an email at jenn at theholyabsurd dot com (to prevent spam bots). I look forward to hearing from you!

Images: Palmer Lake, The Crags, & Elk Mountain, Colorado, Jenn Zatopek