I Will Never Forget the First F-bomb My Father Hurled at Me


Posted on January 31, 2020 by Jenn Zatopek

I am thrilled to share my latest offering with you. This week is my first time to be published at the prestigious Fathom Mag, and I couldn’t be more proud. In this article, I share about the power of forgiveness as the path to transformation. I talk about hard things, but my hope is this story will let open up a window in your soul to know you are not alone, ever, that all are welcome at God’s table.

Full disclose: there is a triggering word in the first sentence, which I was encouraged to keep in the essay. It is crucial that we tell the hard truth rather than sanitizing what has happened for us, so we can model for others that our stories deserve honesty and presence. Healing only happens when we get honest. May this story give you a big permission slip to tell the bold truth about your past so you can live a beautiful life.


My father began telling me to fuck off when I was nineteen years old. It was a hot summer day and I lived at home, taking classes at the local community college to get ahead and graduate as soon as possible. I was a tall and slim woman with fearful brown eyes who planned on moving north to escape the confines of the palpable disgust from my father. . .

I’d love it if you would click here and finish reading at Fathom Magazine.

(Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash)

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