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A Joshua Tree against mountains and blue sky at Joshua Tree National Park


Posted on September 12, 2022 by Jenn Zatopek

In March, my partner and I drove to Southern California to meet one of my online friends in real life. At first blush, our road trip celebrated the deepening bonds of friendship amid the spectacular landscape of the Southwest. But upon reflection, I realized the trip represented a more universal longing: as I traveled out west, I pursued a future my past self thought was impossible.

Our trip began on an unseasonably cold Friday morning in Fort Worth. My husband and I packed our luggage, road food, and supplies, and drove across the state, past wide-open golden brown prairies, small country towns, and fields of crops with pivot irrigators to the smelly oil fields of West Texas. When we stopped for gas in Odessa, I tried photographing the enormity of the bright blue sky above pump jacks but failed to capture the stark beauty amid the ruinous landscape. . .

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Image: Joshua Tree National Park, Jenn Zatopek

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